About us

Passion of the Geeks is the passion project (pun intended) of Pat & Greg. These two friends and fellow geeks, take you on an exciting journey through popular and geek culture. Together they explore the “whys” and “hows” of the things they love and cover a plethora of topics. Sometimes silly, oftentimes weird, rarely insightful but always with passion.

It all started in late spring 2020, during the pandemic. Pat & Greg missed their talks before and after visits to the movie theatre and looked for an outlet, an opportunity or just an excuse for their geeky discussions. They might have been slightly bored as well.

It didn‘t take them long to sort out the details and come up with the proper format for their weekly show. They borrowed the name from an old screenplay Greg wrote and the rest is history. Late 2020 they introduced their new “unplugged“ format to allow for a bit of breathing room between episodes and to be able cover an even larger variety of topics.

New episodes release Sunday evening CET.

Your Host Greg

As a child of the 80s, Greg always loved TV, movies, comics, video games and soundtracks. In his teens, this love turned into a full on obsession which still enriches his life.

He still dreams about his own television series and/or to write and direct for the big screen. Until then, Gregor works as a teacher with a master’s degree in English Literature, History and Media Studies and plays as much D&D as possible.

You can find out more about Greg, his life and his writing on his blog and on @Hard_but_unfair

Your Host Pat

A full blown geek with a severe case of nostalgia, Pat loves gaming, reading fantastic books, watching geeky movies, tv series and cartoons (both western and anime).

He still hopes to one day finish his grand fantasy epic or his space opera but other projects get in the way (as does the occasional D&D session).

You can find Pat on Twitter @Pat9496.