Episode 35 – Let’s Pitch Star Trek

In episode 35 of “Passion of the Geeks”, Pat & Greg share some final thoughts on that Justice League movie, share some film, TV and video game news before they try something new: Both of them pitch each other a Star Trek show. 

Today I found out.

  • The Orville Season 3 is coming… (Pat)
  • Netflix and Sony have a deal & Black Widow comes out in July (Greg)

Check this Out! 

  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha first impressions (Pat)
  • Microsoft Game Pass & Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Greg)

Story of the Week

  • Let’s pitch Star Trek 

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Episode 2 – Tron’s Legacy

In the 2nd episode of “Passion of the Geeks”, Pat & Greg talk some game and tv announcements, recommend some good reads and explore the world of 1982s TRON and its successors.

Today I found out.

  • Announcement of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (Pat)
  • Last of Us (TV series) (Greg)

Check this Out!

  • When Gravity Fails by George Alec Effinger (Pat)
  • Becoming Superman by J. Michael Straczynski (Greg)

Story of the Week

  • TRON’s Legacy

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