Episode 37 – The Classes of D&D

In episode 37 of “Passion of the Geeks”, Pat raves about the new version of ScummVM, Greg goes wild for Doom Eternal and together they talk about their favorite Dungeons & Dragons classes.

Today I found out.

  • ScummVM now supports AGS (Adventure Game Studio) (Pat)
  • New Apple Hardware (Greg)

Check this Out! 

  • It Takes Two by Hazelight (Pat)
  • Doom Eternal (Greg)

Story of the Week

  • The Classes of Dungeons & Dragons

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Episode 18 – Ask me about LOOM (unplugged)

In this weeks “Passion of the Geeks – Unplugged”, Pat talks about LOOM by Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, wonderful fairy-tale game for PC (DOS), Amiga, Atari ST, MacOS, FM Towns and TurboGrafx-CD that broke with certain established point-and-click-adventure conventions. 

Links & Sources

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