Episode 18 – Ask me about LOOM (unplugged)

In this weeks “Passion of the Geeks – Unplugged”, Pat talks about LOOM by Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, wonderful fairy-tale game for PC (DOS), Amiga, Atari ST, MacOS, FM Towns and TurboGrafx-CD that broke with certain established point-and-click-adventure conventions. 

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Episode 10 – Our Gaming Origins

In episode ten of “Passion of the Geeks”, Pat & Greg talk about their gaming roots and what they remember about their first gaming systems. They also share sone thoughts on the DC Fandome event and debate how evil Facebook really is. 

Today I found out.

  • Oculus VR will require Facebook accounts in the future (Pat)
  • DC Fandom Event(Greg)

Check this Out! 

  • Horizon – Zero Dawn now on PC (Pat)
  • High Score on Netflix and Tremors (Greg)

Story of the Week

  • Our Gaming origins

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